Car and related tool products

All sections treating the products are in our headquoters.(Sales Section/Delivery Section/Repair Section/Warehouse)
We sell Car-releated products to auto repair shop, Gas stations,and Tire shop via Parts dealers related to Car dealers,Car parts dealers, and Tire dealers provideing our catalogs. We also sell Pit-related products and sales promotion goods to volume sellers. We sells our own developped products,domestic products, and import products from Taiwan, China, and USA, Regarding to imported products,our repair section inspects and repairs them.

特殊工具/一般工具 ツールチェスト・キャビネット・ツールセット・ハンドツール オイルサービス・エアコンサービスツール コンテナボックス・ツールカート

special tools/General tools

Tool chests/Cabinets/Tool sets/Hand tools

Oil services/Air conditioner service tools

Container boxes/Tool carts

各種チェッカー/測定器 洗車用品 エアーコンプレッサー・エアーツール タイヤサービス/ガレージツール

Checkers/Mesurement tools

Car wash products

Air compressor/Air tools

Tire services/Garage tools

各種ライト バッテリー関連品<br>各種テスタ 消耗品


Battery and releated products/Testers


printed products

All sections treating the products are in our Yahei office(Printing section/Catalog section/Signboard section/Sticker section/Warehouse)
The printer for Catalogs are on the 1st floor, and we print over 100,000 catalogs and leafrets for our products every month.
Design section for Catalogs and the sales section for sales promotion goods and on the 2nd floor, Using the latest UV printer for signboards and industrial oil based inkjet printers,Sales promotion goods, oil exchange stacker, and Car inspection bags with customers name are prined. We also have a show room for Car-related tools and Ultra 3D signboards.

各種のぼり キャンバス印刷 パネル印刷 横断幕


Canvas print

Panel Print


名入れ車検証入れ オイル交換シール 各種ステッカー 各種看板

Car inspection document cases with name

Oil exchange stickers


Sign Boards

名刺 タペストリー バナー看板 はがき

Business cards


Banner Sign Boards

Postal cards ・Brochures