Company information


We think that providing the latest technologies to our customers are the best way to our customer and us, and we have built the total system from the product developent,inspection, and management to design and print of catalogs and leafrets.
On the sales side, we obtains the cooperation of Parts dealers and Goods dealers, and introduce and propose good products we can get the satisfactions from our users, agencies.

Company profile

Name Musashi Trading Office Inc.
Addrss Headquaters:
TEL:+81-48-258-4421 FAX:+81-48-258-4431 (Map)
Yahei Office:
TEL:+81-48-229-1041 FAX:+81-48-229-1042 (Map)
Capital fund30,000,000Yen
Foundation dayFeburary 15th,1991
CEOHiroyuki Matsushita
Correspondent banks The Musashino Bank/The Sugamo Shinkin Bank
Kawaguchi-Shinkin Bank/Aoki-Shinkin Bank
Customers Car-related machine dealers, Tool dealers, Car parts dealers, Car-related goods dealers
Domestic Car maker-related dealers,Tire Maker-related dealers, Tire-releated eqipments dealers
Car products sales association, Car goods shops, and etc.
Suppliers Domestic car goods venders, Machine and equipment venders, Agencies
Forign car goods venders, Machine and equipment venders, Agencies (Mainly USA,China,and Taiwan)

Printing equipments

We have the following industrial printers and provide the products.

printer_mimaki_jfx500.jpg printer_jnetw_dss.jpg

Mimaki Engineering
UV inkjet printer

Japan network service
Direct Textile printer

printer_roland_vp.jpg printer_conica_c6.jpg

Large format inkjet printer

Full color digital printing system

printer_ryobi_3404.jpg printer_mimaki_Cf2.jpg

Digital offset printer

Mimaki Engineering
Flat bed cutting protter